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Thank you for your interest in my book.  We had a great book launch party on December 10, 2018 at Weller Book Works. Thank you to everyone who attended.

I had a wonderful time at that June 21, 2019 Next Generation Indie Book Awards gala in Washington DC. The 50-Year Secret is the winner for the inspirational - non-fiction category.

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Thank you to everyone who has encouraged and supported me on this journey! #the50yearsecret, #alpha1




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"A beautiful journey with a powerful message. Julie shares her journey with grace and love, uncovering the past to discover what her future holds." --Andy Chaleff, author of The Last Letter

Loved Julie's story on so many levels. Reviewed: 02-19-21

This book made me think about my own life and how my experiences shaped who I am today. We each come to the planet with a personality and yet our families and the other people in our lives greatly influence us.

I loved the humor filled - tell it like it is - way Julie shared her story. I've been waiting for this book to come out for about a year now and was not disappointed.

We all have different challenges and triumphs in our lives. When we share our experiences openly like Julie does, it reminds us how connected we are.

The people in her life that were unexpectedly kind when she really needed it, the things that happened just at the right time, the chances she took that she might be rejected, and rewards from being brave in the face of the unknown are things we can all relate to.

If you're looking for a true story that's both entertaining and thought provoking you'll enjoy this book !

"I purchased this at a book signing, went home, sat on my bed to get a quick preview of what it was like, and didn’t end up moving till three hours later when I finished! This woman’s story is incredible! Engaging story, interesting people, and a beautiful sense of hope conferred with the many miracles that allow all the parts of this story to fall into place. Moving and impressive. Best part? This is a true story, and the whole thing just renews my faith in humanity and how amazing people are". -Jacob Hoehne

"Heartwarming, funny, and thought provoking! The 50-Year Secret by Julie MacNeil is an inspirational autobiography about the author who is 6 feet 4 inches tall. As an adopted child, she always wondered about the parents who gave her up. A chance DNA test revealed an incredibly rare and life-threatening liver-lung disease which often goes undiagnosed. This inspired her to embark upon a difficult journey to warn her birth family which turned into a miraculous sequence of events to a miraculous homecoming. The beautifully designed book cover draws your eye to pick this book up, only to find a beautiful story about a beautiful and necessary journey that saved her life and possibly others.

This story touched me deeply after the loss of my adopted brother to a sudden natural death at a very young age. The week after he died, his wife an unopened email of his from one of the DNA tests he had taken months earlier. Within an hour, she was speaking to the birth family and got answers from them, that they knew. She got a lot of answers to the mystery of his death. There was peace in knowing that there would have been no way to stop it, and peace in knowing that he was better off adopted. Perhaps he suspected this and didn't really want to know? But, his children now know what's ahead for their health and they have the answers they need; spoken from the grave.

As I grieve the loss of my brother, Julies story helped me to heal. It took a lot of courage to find out that she was the 50-year old secret. God bless you Julie and I wish you much success with your book". --anonymous author reviewer

"What a wonderful feel-good book! So many emotions were triggered as I read through each of Julie’s stories. My eyes even got a little teary. Everyone will relate to “The 50 Year Secret” on one level or another, if not on several levels." --Bart Merrill, author of Monetize Your Mindset

"A remarkable woman begins a remarkable journey to find her birth parents when diagnosed by happenstance with a rare genetic disease. Alpha-1-antitrypsin deficiency stalks families unknowingly, causing progressive liver and lung disease. A moving story of families, blended, broken, lost, and found, and the love that binds and heals them. It made me want to bring my own family closer and hug them tighter." --Douglas S. Ross MD, pulmonologist

"I laughed. I cried. A triumphant true-life story about Julie and her unforgettable journey of trials, troubles, adolescent insecurities and insurmountable odds that puts her a head above the rest. Julie's sheer determination, hope and relentless optimism shows us that our potential for growth is beyond the limits of our stature. A true recipe for 'fitting in' by 'standing out.'" --Linda J. Black, InTune Yoga Wellness, author/speaker/trainer

"In the twelve-plus years I have known Julie, I was her manager and mentor for half of that time. I'm sure I've learned more from her than she ever learned from me. She firmly believes she can do anything she puts her mind to, and she has proven that many times in the past twelve years. She is one of the most positive people I have ever known. One of her mantras is 'Life is more fun when you are willing to take chances'. This is definitely a key to her success. Classic Julie: if you want to get her to do something, tell her she can't do it . . . then get out of her way. She will win the battle with alpha-1 because she is Julie. This book is inspiring and a testament to her persistence. She has many stories to tell!" --Brent Tycksen, Amazon bestselling author of Safe Money and Living Debt Free