Our Approach

Julie MacNeil is a popular international speaker, multi award winning author, world traveler, and Alpha-1 Antitrypsin advocate who lives in the heart of the Rocky Mountains. Always up for adventure, she has had over 60 jobs throughout her varied career.

She’s been a Financial planner for 17 years and is the owner of MacNeil Financial Services.  She really enjoys helping her clients plan for their retirement.

My Story

I was adopted at 2 days old.  It was obvious that I was going to be tall, but no one would have guessed how tall.  My family is of average height.  My tallest sibling is 5’7″.  Needless to say at 6’4″ I towered over them at a young age.


Everyone is unique

But some are more unique than others!

Here are a few ‘unique’ details about me:

Me and my Moms

Height/shoe size

At 6’4″ I’m taller than 99% of the population, including men!  My shoe size – size 12 – is larger than 99.9% of all women in the USA.

My Sisters and Cousins

Being adopted

Only 2.5% of the population is adopted.  Of that 2.5% only an estimated 10%  are able to find their biological families.

high 5

Blood type / personality profile

Less than 4% of the population has my blood type, type AB+.

On the Myers-Briggs personality test, about 5% of the population have my same personality type, ENFP. Extraverted, intuitive, feeling, perceiving..